Plasterboard and glass compartments

In any field, our clients would always be in need of increasing or decreasing space, giving up plasterboard partitions and installing glass parts to allow natural light to penetrate more into the space, changing the types of compartments to fulfill security and legality conditions necessary for the destination of the space, we come to your support with a wide range of comparisons: gypsum-cardboard compartments with one or more plates on the faces of the structure, moisture-resistant compartments for the humid environments, sound-absorbing compartments combined with other materials intended for sound absorption can reach a sound insulation of up to 75 decibels, Gypsum cardboard compartmentation EI 30,60,90,120,180 min Fire resistant compartments are intended for server rooms, restaurants, malls, access and evacuation paths in buildings for these c compartmentalization at the conclusion of the works our company will issue technical approvals and approvals obtained from the manufacturer, these being necessary to obtain the operating authorizations. Secured glass compartments are of two types of single-sheet glass compartments starting from 8 mm thickness and up to 20 mm thickness and can overlap the secure sheeting on laminate, and in the second type glass compartments with two sheets of sheet thickness. glass ranging from 6 mm to 10 mm find inserted in aluminum profile this type of compartmentation ensures a better sound insulation than the first.

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